Teaching and Invited Talks


Courses Taught

  • University of San Francisco, Environmental Justice, 2009
  • University of San Francisco, Environmental Justice, 2011 (co-taught with Alégria De La Cruz).

Invited Talks

College of the Atlantic. 2018. “Institutional Failure and Contested Illness in Environmental Justice Communities.” Human Ecology Forum.

Boston University. 2017. “An Exception or the Rule? Institutional Failure and Contested Illness in Kettleman City, CA.” Public Seminar Series on Race, Justice, & Environment. Department of Earth and Environment.

Minnesota Department of Health. 2017. “The Social and Scientific Discovery of PFASs.” Saint Paul, MN.

University of Southern California. 2014. “DIY Environmental Science Technologies.” California’s Unconventional Oil Drilling Debates: Knowledge-Sharing Workshop. With Sara Wylie.

Invited Workshops

Community Responses to Highly Fluorinated Compounds (PFAS). 2019. New England Grassroots Environment Fund. RootSkills Conference, Brattleboro, VT. With Shaina Kasper.

PFAS in Food Contact Paper. 2019. Local Environmental Action Conference. Worcester, MA. With Maureo Fernández y Mora and Anna Robuck.

College of the Atlantic. 2018. “Learning to Listen: Facilitating Conversations on Racism.” Organizer and Facilitator.

Select Guest Lectures

Northeastern University. 2018. “Studying the EPA.” Endangered Data Week Panel.

University of Vermont. 2017. “Long-Term Movement Engagement and Making Sense of Failures.” Environmental Justice and Sustainability Seminar. Department of Environmental Studies.

Northeastern University. 2017. “Research Partnerships with Environmental Justice Organizations.” Environmental Justice Seminar. Department of Sociology and Anthropology.